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Closing of the editions

Hello everybody !
Unfortunately the Editions des Deux-Têtes are now closed... but you can still call or mail if you want any news of the game !

Thank you.

English rules are online!

Hello all!
As promised, the english version of the rules is online : you can download it by clicking on the link in the footer.

The next steps : other corrections to perfect the rules in english, a more visible link, and another to our new webste :

See you soon!

You can now order ParaPion or buy it in a shop!


We haven't given news in a long time, but it was for good reasons...

ParaPion has arrived in Les Arcs!

You can now buy it in Les Arcs Bourg St Maurice or order it by sending us an order (you can download it on this page).

Soon an online shop!

English rules arriving very soon!

Hello again!
Sorry about the english complete rules, they will be online next week!

Production has started

Production has started : the "print proofs" have been validated, 500 ex of ParaPion will be released during february.

No english rules included in the box, but they are beeing translated and will be available on our website at the same time as the game's official release.

Crowdfunding via Ulule and preorder are still valid for a few days, we need your support to help distribute our game.

See you soon!
Validating the proofs before actual production of the game.
Validating the proofs before actual production of the game.

Merry Christmas!

ParaPion at the 18th "Festival du Jeu" in Ugine next week

The 7th and 8th of december, we will be present at a game festival in Savoie : le festival du Jeu et du Jouet d'Ugine. Come and visit our stand !
board games of all kinds in Ugines, Savoie
board games of all kinds in Ugines, Savoie

You can now pre-order ParaPion !

You can now pre-order our game, the order form can be downloaded in the upper right corner of your screen.

Unfortunately, we cannot print the game rules in english for this release ; however, they will be downloadable on the website as soon as possible, with extra explanations about the cards.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by mail !

Etienne & Julie

new prototypes of our game

Paragliding game travelling...

ParaPion was in Paris for ten days, now back in the Alps !

Soon new dates in Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry or Aix-les-Bains

ParaPion in Annecy

ParaPion is in Annecy until tomorrow evening, visiting board game shops, and tested on the evenings..

the Testing continues

New tests of ParaPion each week, for the moment around Les Arcs Bourg St Maurice, soon a bit further from it's birthplace!

Next testing session is in les Arcs 1800 this thursday (the 26th) at 8:45 PM at the Salle Taillefer.
a past testing session in Seez
a past testing session in Seez

ParaPion's prototype arrived

We just received the box! Brand new hexes for the board, cards... everything to start testing the game big-scale

paragliding game prototype

the board game is getting it's board...
we have just launched the printing of the prototype, we should receive it during the month

ParaPion, the beginnings

A new board game for Christmas?
Not yet... ParaPion is just starting to live outside Etienne's imagination! The first doodles and paper models are helping us test the game.
It still needs some color!
Parapion, a paragliding board game ; born in Etienne Grassart's mind, design Julie Loomis. Thanks to everybody supporting us!
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